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Our Vision

We provide clinical equipment, supplies
and resources for health delivery systems
by securing materials, financial support, assistance and resources unavailable in their communities.
We assist clinical enterprises abroad to
build healthier communities by securing materials and support,  technical assistance and resources
that are not available in their communities.  

We raise awareness of, and advocate for, the needs of healthcare in developing countries.




(The results are visible and tangible)
The new City Tertiary Care Hospital Rising (above)
in Eastern Africa. Work has already begun in a major way 
in Arusha and Tanzania partly through the kindness of 
associates of the AHHF and the generous contributors 

listed on this site.

The African Health
& Hospital Foundation

To reach ...

people facing great 
challenges in impoverished 
parts of Africa.

To save ...

and improve their lives.

To assess ...

their medical needs and 

create wellness.

To provide ...

medical equipment,

supplies and related training.

To partner ...

with hospitals,corporations, 
and places of worship ...

To help





 The African Health and Hospital Foundation is a registered 501 (c) (3), EIN # 38-3736216






Our Values

1.  No funds or equipment are shipped to selected communities without assurance that materials sent are usable and maintainable in the target environment. 

2.  All religious, corporate, secular and clinical affiliations are considered if contributions fit the mission and vision of the Foundation.

3.  All deliveries of materials as well as provision of training to indigenous peoples and providers of the areas are overseen to prevent confiscation, corruption or theft. 

4.  Collaboration with other institutions of similar mind and insight are considered imperative to creating a network of providers of equipment and services. 

5.  Every effort is made to ensure that contributors are kept aware of their materials by recipients, and visits to served areas are offered as part of fund raising activities.